Displaying the owners login name against each record

Hi All, I’ve an issue with displaying all owners for each record in my app: If I’m the current owner then I have permission (to see my own records), but if I’m not, then the owner field is blank. We’ve got a solution, whereby we store the owners name when we create the record and display that instead.   However, I wondered if there was a better solution? Has ayone encountered something like this before?   Thanks in advanced. Best Regards Adrian  
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The system user should be used to login to the app and security config. Process related data, i.e. the name of someone as used in the process, should not be the account/user data.  Thus a separated entity Person/Employee/[FillInYourProcessNameForYourApp] with a 1-1 association to Account. 

Answering your question; showing the Owner of an record; 

- Using the Owner -> for security restrictions and processes in Microflows

- Displaying 

  1. Using the process associations. 
  2. Store User/Name in the Record. (your own suggested solution)