Retrieving Account entity data

I have created an association of lets say 'MyModule.EntityX' with the 'Adminitration.Account' entity. Now when inside the New-Edit page of 'MyModule.EntityX'  if I try to fetch all the usernames (attribute Name) in a drop-down, only the user name of the current logged in user is shown or retrieved, rest blank values are there. But, however, if I fetch attribute FullName of all the users in a similar way then it works properly, i.e. all the FullName present in the 'Administration.Account' entity are retrieved or shown.   Does anyone knows why is this happening? What I want to achieve is fetch all the user names and not just the logged in user's username.   Thanks in advance! :-)    
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  1. Hi Shreyash,

Please take a look at the entity access rules.

Administration.Account can be accessed by any user. You can only edit your own record as a user.

Administration.Account is a specialization of of System.User. The Name field resides in that entity. There you have only access to your own record.


What is your goal by selecting the user by its name?

If this is part of a general process in the app, then don't directly use the User/Account data. The user/Account data should only be used to create/manage user accounts and thus login to the app by the users.

Process data should be separated. Best practice is to have an entity (Person/Member/Employee/.....) with a 1-1 association to their account.

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