How to make capital insensitive username possible for default Mendix login?

Hi guys   There is a wish to make the username capital insensitive when logging. I was wondering how I can reach this the best (simple,secure no heavy lifting involved), i was thinking to:   1 - Custom 2 steps login whereby the username is filled in firstly, so that everything is made toLowerCase, for the 2nd screen where the password is filled in (like gmail). But I am wondering whether I can fill the default "userIdLoginTextBox"? 2 - Custom login functionality whereby in logic the user gets validated and we make a session for that user..   What do you think?
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Hi Enzo,

You could use the login form widget ( There is a Casehandling tab which allows you to specify whether you want to convert username to lowercase, uppercase or do nothing.

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Hi Enzo, 

Make sure all usernames are stored in lower case and change the login.js script in your theme to change any input in the username field to lower case before submitting to the server should be enough. 




Lets try this one ! Turn off the autocapitalize option in login.js file. It will work.