How to disable the login screen when using Oauth (SSO)?

We are using the OAuth module (Azure) for SSO and we would like to disable the login screen for all users except for the MxAdmin. Users are redirected automatically, but we want to be sure that the users are not able to login using the login page. Does anyone has experience with this? Help would be appreciated. Thanks!  
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The easiest way is to set really long, complex passwords for users and not distribute them. User are technically able to bypass this, because as soon as they are logged in, they have write access to their passwords. However, to bypass this, they would have to alter requests to the server to set a new password and commit - an unlikely scenario for most people.

If you need to be absolutely certain that users will never be able to log in manually, you should override the login action, and you can throw an error if the username does not equal MxAdmin.