cant log in with users in sandbox mode, only Mendix Account

Hi Everyone, I ran my free app in the sandbox environment. Logged in as Admin on my mendix account and made accounts. Unfortunately, those accounts cannot log in and get a "wrong username/password" message. MxAdmin also is unable to log in. In addition, when I try to log out with my Mendix account using a standard Sign Out button on the Homepage, I am not signed out as user from the app, the page simply refreshes. The same happens when I try to use it as demo_user. Does anyone have an idea as to why these things happen and how I could fix them?
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Few questions;

  1. Does the created accounts have a assigned userrole?
  2. Did you create the accounts in the sandbox environment?


MxAdmin isn't created in the sandbox environment. To have a general administrator user in your app; create a after startup microflow, which creates an admin user.

example microflow:


This was actually still very useful, thanks!