Multi Tenant Customer Portal with Recurrent Payment Integration

Hello, I'm interested in creating a customer portal that can do the following. Support multiple tenants ("customers") with each tenant having multiple users and user types The ability for new tenants to sign up through an unprotected website for my service The ability to support payment gateway integration through a service such as Chargify, Recurly, Chargebebe, etc so that tenants can be billed for access to my service Ability to validate that the customer's service is active from the payment provider and to also add access restrictions per tenant such as number of users, limits on number of entries in a database, etc I know that Mendix has the ability to support multiple tenants through the 'Multi Tenant Administration' module, but from what I can see there isn't much information about this module and it looks somewhat basic. Would this type of functionality be something the mendix platform could support?  Has anyone done something like this before?
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One and two have been done by multiple partners of Mendix. Be aware though that multi tenancy is no easy feat and mistakes can easily be made. Three I do not know, there are so much payment providers these days. Four: the access restrictions can be done but the first part of the question is largely dependent of the payment provider.





1.Yes, you can extend account object with custom attributes like types etc. Think hereby to design your own domain model instead of a module or so.

2. Yes, REST, SOAP (web) services

3. Seems to me as an integration with your payment processor

4. Seems to me as a multiple integration whereby in Mendix some logic validates the results of them,


To me it seems pretty normal usecases with creating accounts and implementing integrations, we do that all the time, and with Mendix that is really doable.