(No read access to attribute in entity ...for user role Anonymous ) error for many entities across the project after upgrading to Mendix 7.13

I was using version 7.1 and upgraded to latest version. After converting the project, more than 500 errors popped up. Old version has no issue, but looks like new version has something to do with Anonymous role. Attaching screenshot. Any directions except granting all the access to Anonymous role (which I don't want to do)?  
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It looks like Anonymous role has access to a Homepage that contains attributes for which that role doesn't have read access.  Check the Navigation object in your Project module and look for what homepage Anonymous might have access to.  Make sure you check all of the tabs  there (Hybrid Tablet App Online, Hybrid Phone App Online, etc.).  You can delete profiles you don't want in your app.

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Romil, I got curious about this, so read through some release notes.  The snippet below from the 7.2 release notes *may* explain why this happened in your app.  Maybe you have some navigation profiles that were disabled previously but in 7.2 and above, they are active?