Mendix unsuitable loose of user session

Hi folks,   We are running with Mendix 6.10.10 runtime, and since the implementation of this upgrade, many users are kicked out of the application and the Login page is showing up to user asking to login in the system, It is really annoying and user loose their changes during this process. Our application is running within a Iframe from another application (Microsoft CRM). Both application exchange data thru soap WS. We never had this kind of behavior before. We have 2 nodes connected to a F5 switch, but we stop running the event jobs on node B, as far as the F5 switch is on manual mode and the Node B is never reaches. We though that the jobs that were running on Node B, were responsible to remove session of connected users on Node A, but apparently, we still have users disconnection. Any ideas? Thanks anyway for your help
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Hi Serge,

Overall, let me say I'm not sure why the behavior changed on you.

Review your application logs for notes about user sessions being removed. If the Mendix runtime is removing them, it will log a note about it that will say something like:

Removing session for user 'bob'

If that's happening, it's because the user's session timed out. There are custom runtime settings (detailed here) that are relevant in this case:

  • EnableKeepAlive
  • SessionTimeout
  • ClusterManagerActionInterval


Especially if EnableKeepAlive is disabled, there's nothing keeping a user's session alive while they're on a page unless they're executing microflows or retrieving data. That could cause unexpected timeouts. Similarly, if for some reason these keepalive calls are blocked by the user's browser for some reason, that could cause an issue, as they're responsible to refreshing the session on the server.

The other thing that comes to mind is security. Do you have 'Project -> Security -> Check security' enabled? If not, I think then it's possible that user is redirected to a login screen when they try to access a resource they aren't allowed to. I can't confirm that behavior without some testing, however.


Hope that helps!