Cannot see LastLogin, Blocked, Active user account attributes when in managing user role, unless set to manage all.

Hi everyone, I have an issue trying to read some user account attributes. I am trying to allow my TaxiAdmin user account to view and change the Active attribute on TaxiDriver user accounts in order to prevent those users from logging in when inactive. In the project security settings, the TaxiAdmin user role has been granted permission to manage those with user roles TaxiDriver yet when I view in the app I cannot read the Active, Blocked, LastLogin attributes. If I change the TaxiAdmin user role to be able to manage ALL user roles then I can see these attributes. As shown in the pictures attached below. The TaxiDriver accounts only have the TaxiDriver user role and no other roles. It seems to me that things should work and this may be a bug? Is anyone able to help shed light on what is happening here and what I can try doing? I am thinking as a workaround to create my own attributes which I set by microflow to the same as the Active, Blocked attributes for the purpose of displaying their state but I think this shouldn't be necessary. Thanks ------------------ When user management set per role: ------------------- When user management set to All:  
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Hi Alex,

I created a test project and was able to reproduce the same behavior that you were running into. I created a user role called TestAdmin, and gave it the same module roles as the administrator user role. The only difference was the managed user roles was set to only manage one user role (in this case the user role was called user).


When I went to the account screen and tried to set an account with the user role user to inactive, I wasn't able to view the active boolean widget.

After playing around with it, I found that if I set TestAdmin to manage User and TestAdmin, I was able to see the active boolean on the account screen. 


So for your TaxiAdmin user role, set it to be able to manage TaxiAdmin, Guest, TaxiAnon, and TaxiDriver. Hopefully that fixes your issue.