How to avoid displaying blank values in reference selector drop down when application login with different roles

Hi team, In our application we have certain set of roles to login the application( user, admin, supplier..). In the screen, depending on role we are showing the information certain level of information.In one of our screen we have one reference selector drop down where depending on the user role we are showing the list values to the user.Here, the problem is we have User A and User B. User A is having full access to the application( he/she is admin who can see all details). User B is one of user of application he can see relevant details to him.The problem is, for User B list drop down is showing the values along with empty values (since he does not have access to view the details).So, the not accessible data are shown in blank values in drop down list. This will not looks good to end users. Please suggest Is there any way to trim the spaces in the drop down when the value does not have access to that page. Please help me on this one.  Thanks in advance! Please find the sample example:
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Added information to whatever Kilian mentioned, using XPATH or Constrained by might have security risks. In the sense, an advanced user might be able to interpret the request and probably mend or play with XPATH. 

The optimal approach will be is to use Microflow. With Microflow, you can check for the role and prepare your list to be shown in the drop down.  This way you can get around with security risks as well. 


Hi Iswarya,

I'm assuming that you have Acces rules configured on the entity and that you don't have any XPath constraints configured on your reference selector. IIRC this results in empty values in the drop down.

You need to constrain the values the reference selector retrieves. This can be done in a few ways

  1. Use a XPath constraint
  2. Use the Constrained By option
  3. Use a microflow to retrieve only the values a user is allowed to select.




Use the javascript script widget and then set it as shown in the picture and write the following inside it put the name of the class in the place you want to delete the value from here we want to delete an empty value you can replace it with the value you want to remove