Created customer account only seen by the specific account who as created it

Hi All, I'm currently working on application were a customer and an employee should use the app. De goal is:  That an employee can create an account for the customer, but those created account can only been seen by those who's created the account. Could any tell me how to do this? I have tried multiple ways to fix but can't figure it how? Thanks for helping! Regards, Noureddine
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If you have an entity like this:

And create an access rule this way:

With this Xpath constraint on the access rule:

then the users will only be able to see objects they created.  Mendix will create the access rule for you if you click the button I have highlighted in yellow.

Hope that helps,



Hi Mike,

I have figured it out and got it to work.

Really apperciate it for the help and thinking.