Hide intakeform for every client except the related client who has involved with

 Hi, I'm currently working on a project where contributers can help other users (see them as clients). Where I'm currently working on is creating an intake form, were contributors can fill in the client information and save in a listview. But what I can't figure it out, is to hide the form, from every client where the specific client can only see there own filled in intake form. Example process: 1. Contributor creates an account for the client. 2. Contributor sees an overview page for that specifically created client. 3. When clicking on button 'intake form' contributor sees an overview of intake form that is related to that specific client which the contributor is viewing.  I can't figure it out how to do this. I have thought about the $currentUser statement, but that is for only for who is currently logged in and not for what a contributor is viewing. I'm looking forward to your answer and appreciate it for helping.  Regards, Noureddine
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Hi Albert,

Thanks for answering my question.

What I wanted to do is create an intake form by a contributor while some of the data from the client are already filled in (like fullname, surname and phone number). The data should be taken from the 'klant' entity (see illustration) and automatically filled in the intake form (intakeForm entity). 


On the illustration below should only the intake Form be available for the specific client who is created by the contributor. 



Hope this makes it clear?