Problems with html text of loginpage (SSO with XSUAA)

Hi to all of you, I refer to the following documentation: , point 3.3.   When I do everything according to the documentation - I open the document in notepad and change everything to <!doctype html> <html>     <head>         <script>             window.location.assign("/xsauaalogin/")         </script>     </head> </html> and afterwards deploy it to the cloud, the login page doesn't appear. Contrary to that, when I only insert the html code displayed in 3.2, everything is o.k.   Do you have a clue at which point my approach is wrong? Many thanks in advance! Laura  
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Hi Laura, I assume you don't have anonymous users enabled, otherwise the login.html page wouldn't be loaded. Can you check which html page is loaded when you open the app? index.html of login.html.