SAML config

Hi. I am doing SAML config for SSO. Now i have imported SAML and Made startup microflow and added openConfiguration in Navigation while i am riunning my application when navigating to SAML config Tab it showing screen likes below image. I don't know what i have to do after that like SP configuartion and Idp configuration and all. i have seen that documentation of SAML but cant figure out. Please someone help me on this with step by step procedure
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You are looking at the documentation here right?

The next steps are:

  1. Fill out the "SP Configuration" tab as the documentation suggests
  2. Get your app's metadata at: {your app URL}/SSO/metadata 
  3. Give that metadata to whoever manages your identity provider
  4. In the "Idp Configuration" tab, click the new button and upload or point your app to your identity provider's metadata, and follow the wizard. Whoever manages your identity provider should be able to get you that.


Hope that helps!