How to integrate Active Directory with on-premise Mendix application

I am looking for steps on how to integrate Active Directory with on-premise Mendix application
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Hi Raj,

  Here are some steps on how to use the LDAP module to synchronize user accounts from an active directory:

 The configuration is done within the app itself and within the Modeler, so there isn't much difference in the cloud or on premise.  Are you encountering any specific issues?  If you want to use the SAML framework to authenticate instead, there is a module for that as well.


Thanks Rob.

Thanks for your feedback. We have used SAML framework for the Mendix cloud application. However for the on-premise servers we cannot use SAML and therefore were looking for alternate option.

We have our  on-prem application getting refreshed with cloud application backup every night. But it comes with the SSO setup from cloud and on-prem url redirects to /SSO/ and does not work. Hence I was looking for ActiveDIrectory. Please let us know if you have any suggestions.