Crashing on Mendix Developer App

Hello, I have tried to get the login screen to work on more than one of my applications. But when I log in to any of the demo accounts via the login screen and entering the details it seems to crash the login page. Then when I launch the app again from the history it shows as if I have logged in. Is this a known issue? This is running it from the cloud and not locally. If invalid details are entered it does display that there was a sign in error, but with valid details it crashes. 
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Have you tried logging in with MxAdmin and then switching to a demo account?

The credentials for MxAdmin are in the project module > security > Administrator tab. Try logging in with this account and then using the mx demo user switcher (its the button above the feedback item) to switch to the demo user that you want.


Hope this helps!



I have seen a similar behavior when there was an error on a page in my Mendix app.  A few ideas for how to troubleshoot this:

  • as Austin mentioned, is the behavior the same for all users or only a subset?
  • when you encounter the login page issue, look in the browser developer console to see if any errors occur (F12 in Chrome, Web Developer menu in Firefox)
  • Are there any errors recorded in the Mendix logs?
  • Do you have a single homepage that all users go to, or different home pages for different roles?  If different, do all pages experience the error or only some?

Hope that will help you narrow down the cause of this.