User switcher to use demo users not visible

Hi, I am changing user roles in my project and would like to test on my localhost with demo users. I have set the 'Enable demo users' to 'Yes' in the Project Security and I created some demo users.   However when I run my app on localhost the user switcher button is not shown (at the right side of the page above the feedback button). Did I miss something or is this a bug in Modeler 6.10.14? Regards, Elco  
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Check the created accounts in the account_Overview page. If not added to you navigation, just add it and give the admin access.Probably a lot of bogus demo users will be there, since you turned it on/off/on and added/removed the demo users. Maybe this might cause issues, to many named accounts for the use demo license key.

Next to that; your security is incomplete. Not sure if that is due to assigned module to userrole or the lack of it.