Problem in signing in my application in cloud platform

Hi, I am facing issue to sign in into my application on the cloud platform. The URL of my application is: Username: MxAdmin Password: 1 However I able to login successfully when I run my application locally with same credentials. Please help me resolve this problem,
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If you are on a licesnsed node, you can change the MxAdmin password in the details of your environment.

Now you can login and create your needed account.



When you deploy to the cloud, Mendix does not create any users.  You'll need to build a microflow like the following to create your first user:

First step is to retrieve the account to see if it already exists - so it we don't try to create it more than once.  The details of that step are below:

if it exists, we stop.  If not, first retrieve the admin user role that will be used:

then the user is created:

You can specify that this microflow is called after startup in the project settings:

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But my user is default administrator. So should it not work with the default administrator? Please refer to the screenshot for the same.