Oauth2.0 module usage: resolveuserbyemail microflow usage...does this mean that user will parallelly have to be present in the mendix db as well??

Hello, I have reached a stage wherein I am passing emailid to resolveuserbyemail and trying to get the user details...but that wont happen as resolveuserbyemail microflow will always check from its db which wont have data from our proprietary openid connect based idp provider..this step should ideally be not there as we have already done the required authorization / authentication from our IDP provider...so, whats the probable alternative for this? is this step ignoreable? or am I essentially missing something?
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From Oauth module you get an email X. But this email X is not included as account in your Mx DB.

1) Import the accounts first or in the resolveuserbyemail from your IDP ( you can use LDAP/SAML) and you have the account with email to resolve against.

2) But seen you already have authenticated with your IDP, you are sure that the user should get access in your Mx, so why not make an account if there is not?