Quick way to setup Single Sign On - SAML Configuration

Hello, I would like to know if anyone has figured out a way to setup SAML configuration quickly without going through the entire wizard steps. Currently we use SAML2 App store module and it works fine with no issues but doing SAML configuration for each app is taking more effort.  Trying to find out if there is a better and quick way to setup SAML configuration. May be something like loading the entire configuration from a JSON config file? Any thoughts and ideas ?  
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As you see SAML module needs its own configuration =SAML objects.

You can make a JSON structure to import all the needed configuration from it, so you can generate logically (in a microflow) the needed SAML objects.

Seen the parse logic seems a lot of work , while setting up a SAML configuration is mostly a one time event, I think configuring it manually is overall more efficient.