No user roles in Multi-Tenant app

Hi there,   I've set up a multi tenant app using the Mendix docs. The multi tenant administration module, apart from the fact that it is outdated and for some reason still featured in the Mendix docs, is not loading the user roles in the app when testing. As you can see, the page is not loading any of the user roles. I mentioned that the package is outdated, because when imported, you will get about 20 errors concerning the page containers. I had to create new pages and paste the content of the outdated ones in. Maybe the user roles got messed up in the process of doing so. These are my user roles: Did I miss something from the documentation?   I really think there should be a learning path about something this big, because the documentation lacks seriously.   Thanks in advance
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Hi Jurian,

Are you running the "ASU_UserRoles" microflow in your after start up microflow? To set that up you can go to the project module > settings > runtime > after startup. Then you can create a microflow that calls "ASU_UserRoles" as a sub microflow. 


Hope this helps!


Hello Jurian Vink

Try this


Hope this helps