Using random password generator

Hi, I am trying to set a random password generator for new users of an app.  I’ve attached the microflow. I thought it would be as simple as using the java tool from the CommunityCommon library, changing the Account Entity we have with the random password string but it seems not, or I am doing some thing rather obviously wrong (which is likely). I can see the varibale output of the generator when using breakpoints.  When I go to log in with the new account, the password is wrong.  In the console, it says that the its an incorrect password error.  Any ideas?
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You don't commit the account object, so the new password will never be stored (hashed) and thus you cannot login using the new (never stored) password


Found out the problem.  You’re right, it wasn’t being committed there, but was being commited else where.  The account object was being committed in a nother MF from a second button after a new user wa created in the app.  Inherited this from someone else and didn’t realise that was happening.