while using the Rest inbuilt action

Hi All, I am getting a from an existing project when ever there is a rest call using the built in rest action, this is only happening to the mendix installed on my new laptop (Company provided laptop, the infra team did the java installation and all)  Please note that the same is working fine from desktop inside company network, and even in my personal laptop. This is not due to any proxy issue, the existing proxy is working in desktop, and getting same error even when connected to open network. Is it due to any java related issue? Please help. Exception: Advanced stacktrace:     at com.mendix.integration.actions.microflow.RestCallAction.execute(RestCallAction.scala:57) Caused by: com.mendix.systemwideinterfaces.MendixRuntimeException: org.apache.http.client.ClientProtocolException     at com.mendix.integration.util.PrivilegedUtil$.withPrivileged(PrivilegedUtil.scala:15) Caused by: null     at Method)     at com.mendix.integration.util.PrivilegedUtil$.withPrivileged(PrivilegedUtil.scala:11)     at com.mendix.http.LoggableHttpClient.execute(LoggableHttpClient.scala:18)     at com.mendix.integration.actions.microflow.RestCallAction.executeRequest(RestCallAction.scala:66)
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We were also seeing a very similar issue which seemed to be related to an expired ssl certificate on the endpoint we were trying to hit