Training module: Securing your App - errors

Hi there, I’m working through the RAD for Developers learning path and I’ve run across some errors I can’t figure out. At the end of section 9.3.1 there aren’t supposed to be any errors, however I’m getting an error on every entity in the the domain model: Message – The selected module role ‘MyFirstModule.User’ no longer exits. Element – Property ‘Module roles’ of access rule of entity ‘MyFirstModule.<...>’   Any idea what I might have done wrong and how to fix it? I’m pretty much stuck here until these errors are fixed. Thanks.
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Hi Carlos,

  It looks like the user role called ‘User’ for MyFirstModule was deleted. I bet you want that in there. What you should do is open up the Security menu under the ‘MyFirstModule’ module in the project explorer. Once in there, you will be presented with a menu of Module Roles. Hit ‘New’ and add in one called User. You should get a message saying something like ‘This Name is already in use’ which is fine. Once you hit yes these errors should be resolved.

 If that doesn’t work for you, can you please paste in a screenshot of the security menu for the MyFirstModule module?



Thanks, this resolved the issue for me as well. The 'User' role was renamed to the 'Teacher' role as part of the assignment, but I suspect there were already entity access level rights in place for the ‘User’ role. This is addressed in the course right after the topic which caused the errors.