How to remove the mxadmin user manually?

0 Here it says I have to remove the mxadmin user manually – but I cannot figure out how or where to go? We use SSO and only local users are available in User Managment screen.  Any instruction about how to remove it is appreciated?
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How about adding a utility microflow to your app that looks for a user ‘MxAdmin’ and deletes it?


Hello Bhanu,

I personally would suggest keeping MxAdmin as a fallback. Say if by any chance your admins get locked from your system MxAdmin is the only account you can reset via Sprintr.

With that being said, in order to remove it in the cloud I suggest creating a grid for admins that allows them to manage Users, rather than Accounts, MxAdmin should come up in that grid. The alternative is removing the record from the User table in postgresql yourself. 

Hope this helps