Error seen whlie authenticating using Linkedin (OAuth 2.0 - ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR)

I am not able to see linkedin login page while accessing the link using OAuth2.0. I am using OAuth module and have specified the client id, secret id and redirect_uri. Similar configuration are made for google oauth and that works fine. callback uri used is – https://localhost:8080/linkedin-oauth2/callback Please assist.
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The problem is probably that OAuth needs a secure connection i.e. https. Since you are running locally your app is only available via the unsecure http 
Try deploying your app in the cloud to get https. This should solve the issue.


The error message ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR error indicates that the browser is not able to initiate the secured communication at the moment. It's almost impossible to pin it down to a single cause, it could be almost anything. There is no definite guide for managing this error. However, there are few changes or settings which help you to get rid you of this error.

    Configure Correct Date and Time
    Clear Browsing Data
    Clear Your SSL State
    Disable QUIC Protocol of Chrome
    Disable your Internet Browser Extensions
    Adjust Your Internet Security and Privacy Level
    Remove your system's hosts file
    Check Your Antivirus Settings
    Check Your Firewall

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