Custom Domain Certificate Upload Woes

Hey all, Whenever I try to upload an SSL cert for our custom domain, I receive an error: “ Failed to get the Modulus of the TLS Private Key. “. I received a PFX from my local security team, used openssl to extract the key, main cert, and certificate chain certs into their own files. I noticed that there were trailing spaces on each line, so I removed those, as that seemed weird in a base64 string. For my intermediate chain, I found that we had 3 certificates from Entrust for the chain, but only one intermediate cert field. Anyways, how do I upload my PEM cert and get it to successfully save? Which certificate for Entrust do I use? They have a cert for L1K, a cert for G2, and one without any extra distinction, do I need one of them or all three? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Colin
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Could it be that there are illegal characters in the key? You can check this with this command:

# file server.key


If there are you could try this openssl command to remove them.

# tail -c +4 server.key > new_server.key

And you can verify your chain also. See stack overflow





After working through Ronald’s answer on here, and some calls to Mendix, the answer turned out to be that after I converted the PFX to PEM, I then needed to change the encryption of the key from RSA, all through OpenSSL. Once I did that, I was able to get everything uploaded!

Thanks everyone!