Administration Module Connection Problem in Mendix App for MindSphere

Dear Mendix Community, We are developing a Mendix App for MindSphere OS. In this program we used built-in Administration Module in Mendix Low Code App Development. This module allows us to create different type of  users and users can see different page according to their authorization. First we have created the Login Page for every user. IT Manager is the admin in our program and he creates users and gives the respective user type. For example, CEO, Maintenance Manager, Production Manager, Customer. But first of all, even for first login it works but if you accidently give wrong password or username, it fails. After that until we delete the app from MindSphere and push the app it doesn’t work again. The app has to be unregistered in MindSphere launchpad and be pushed another time. Also when we succesfully login as IT Manager (Admin) to our app and create users in the app, we cannot login within MindSphere program. But we can login when we run the app locally. Anyone has a suggestion regarding to this problem?  Best regards.
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When running Mendix apps on MindSphere, the MindSphere User-Management is the leading system. With the MindSphere SingleSignOn Module a MindSphere user is automatically created in your Mendix app once the user opens the app from the Launchpad. The user will get Mendix roles according to his scopes in MindSphere. The built-in Administration Module is not compatible and cannot be used in such an environment.

New Users are created in MindSphere via the Settings app. MindSphere Roles / Application specific roles are also managed via the Settings app. You find more about this here: MindSphere Module Details

So if you like to create new MindSphere Users from your Mendix App you have to use the "Identity Management APIs" from MindSphere.