Offline Hybrid App SSO -

I am running a hybrid app on an android device. When I go into airplane mode I receive a ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED message when I try to open the app.  The app is attempting to load  I don't get sso issues on he android device  when online. I believe I have followed the following instructions properly( This was working fine before the SSO was implemented. I must be missing something but not sure what that might be. Thanks for your help.        
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I found the answer to this with the help of Eric Tieniber from Mendix.

In the phone gap build package there is an folder called config and in that folder an environments.json file. In my case the url value was set to the url value as shown in the developer portal  ( value) instead of the custom domain value ( Changing the url to the custom domain value resolved the issue.


Thanks Eric!!