createdDate and changedDate Visibility Weirdness

I have an entity that is a specialization of Administration.Account. Objects in this entity are created 2 ways: By a logged in user via a microflow By a webhook from a third party system via a different microflow The published REST service called by the webhook does not require authentication because it sends a Request Signature for authentication. For objects created by a logged in user, I can view the createdDate and the changedDate via a datagrid or dataview. For objects created via the REST service, I cannot see createdDate or changedDate in a datagrid – the column is empty.  If I place those fields in a dataview, I see the following message: If I inspect an object created via the REST service in the debugger, I can see that the createdDate and changedDate are populated with a value. Anyone else have a similar experience? or maybe I am missing something?  
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