SSO authenticates to HTTP not HTTPS

HI Guys I have a slight problem with our Single sign on module, however I am not sure that the module is responsible. Users access the app via HTTPS:// and get logged into the application successfully, however after authentication the users are redirected to HTTP instead of HTTPS.  It is worth noting that this only happens on the Production environment and not on UAT even though they are running the exact same version of deployment.Both UAT and production IIS is set up as High availability with one web server and 2 app servers behind the web server, configured using the server farm. Can the saml module or index.html file somehow have an impact on the http redirect? If not is this an IIS setup problem? If not any of those what else can cause this problem?    
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The SAML module uses the url as specified in the application configuration. Did you check that the Application Root URL in your server configuration settings includes the https and not http?