Get-call to mendix api for retrieving branches is unauthorized

I am experimenting with the SDK as on and trying to retrieve the branches of oe of my projects. Problem is that I keep getting the response "errorCode": "UNAUTHORIZED". Here is my call from Postman:    I think I followed the description, retrieved my username and an API-key from my Mendix-profile, which I think should get me authorized. I then tried adding “PlatformAPIUser” and “PlatformAPIPassword” as described in the stories request: Some extra information. The headers look like this:   The app’s subdomain is retrieved from the Sprintr->environment->Production url:  
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Hi Tim,


- Your appid should be the name of your subdomain for the production; 

- Mendix-ApiKey is the one of your account not the project/app

- No need for password

- Add a header "Content-Type" with value "application/json”