User.createdDate or Account.createdDate

Hi,   Is it possible to show system members (createdDate, changedDate, owner, changedBy) of entities User or Account on a page? When I add these system members to a page, the values are not shown, while I am logged in as an Administrator.   Regards, Elco
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Tested a bit in 7.23.3 anonymous/security off & Security on login with user role administrator:

Security off;

  1. Changed by & created by can be shown without issues.
  1. Though created & Changed date won't. Value do exists but cannot be accessed


Security on

  1. Changed by & created by; breaks since its not an actual reference
  2. Created & changed date fails as well.


Actually quite weird; either a bug or Mendix must provide a valid reason and how to handle instruction


The access rules set on entity user doesn't allow  other users to read these values

Access rule is constraint for all users to: [id = '[%CurrentUser%]']

This can be extended (for administrator roles) using the User management option:

But why do you need to display this information?
Keep the following in mind: whatever is done with the User/Account entity should always (ALWAYS) be limited to user management/login. Never mix it with your process. Thus do NOT inherit your person details, which are consumed in the process of the app, by account/User. Always use an association between the account & process entity.