Cant show LastLogin

The Functional Administrator can manage Accounts with the User role. I want to show the User's LastLogin attribute on a page for the Functional Administrator, but I can't. Checking the System domain model, I see that no role has any rights on LastLogin, and that this cannot be edited. I've tried adding a _LastLogin attribute to my CustomerAccount entity and setting it to the LastLogin of the associated User, but this doesn't work either. I find the User, and see that LastLogin isn't empty, but still the Date and time doesn't show on the page.   Can I conclude that LastLogin cannot be shown on any page for any role? 
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I did some quick test. There is a workaround. Create a persistable entity and let it have a 1 on 1 association with the user account. This entity has only one calculated field containing the last login value. The microflow for the calculation is just a parameter with the entity and in the microflow retrieve the user over the 1 on 1 association and set the return value with the lastlogin of that user. The other microflow you need is one that retrieves all the users, create that entity and set the association. See the result below.