How do I tie an objects login info to their user role?

Hello, I am working on an app where there are employees and managers (a generalized type of employee). I cannot figure out how to store the information of an employee as a type of user role so that the user is recognized when they login. For instance, I want to create an employee (ID, name, email, password) and then have that stored as an employee user role so that the newly created employee can login with their email and password and only see the functions meant for the employee user role.  Likewise a manager should be able to login with his/her email and password and only see the pages meant for managers. How do I make it so that the email and password I create for a new employee are tied to their respective user roles?  Thanks!
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How do you create the employee? My assumption would be that the user is created from a microflow. In that microflow you can retrieve the user role employee and the user role manager (assuming that those exist) and connect the correct user role to the account of the new user. So when you create a manager create the manager object attach it to the right account and set the user role manager to that account.

Hope this helps. If not edit your original post on the steps where you are stuck.