User Registration Request Form

Hi All, I’d like to be able to add a user registration request form to a Mendix application.  Currently I have an application that lands on the standard login.html. Though from this landing page I have a requirement where non-registered users must be able to access a form to submit an application to request login credentials. Is this possible in using Mendix? And if so how? Thanks in advance
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My 4 cents on this

  1. You need to start with enabling anonymous users
  2. Create a user role Anonymous + module role in the most logical (general) module; most likely the administration module
  3. Create a new page which you set a default homepage for anonymous users
  4. Add anything to the page required to signup for a account → module in the appstore might be a good start.


Good luck




This is possible. This module in the appstore does can help you with it.