SAML Module Integration with Identity Provider

I am trying to setup SAML module in mendix application. I have integrated the startup microflow and  open configuration in navigation panel. I have setup service provider. Now for Identity provider I have added alias and URL as http://localhost:8080/sso/metadata. Now clicking on next, I am not able to configure “Preferred entity descriptor”. What I need to select in Preferred entity descriptor.  In mapping I have selected Idp Provided. What I need to select in Object Type? Though I selected one , and clicked next. I am getting error while setting toggle active yes. “No entity descriptor was selected for the SSO Configuration” Does any one have a working example of how to integrate mendix application with SAML module. Any git link would also help.  I would like to use google authenticator as Identity provider. Any working example with okta can also help. I am not sure how to add application in okta with Admin section. While logging in okta as a developer, I am not able to find the admin section to add configuration.   Can anyone provide me steps how to set IdP and integrate with mendix sample application.
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You have set the mendix app url as the identity provider, this is incorrect as the mendix app will be the service provider in the SAML context. Your identity provider would be your ADFS server e.g.

Please refer to for a better understanding of the authentication protocol.

More information on the SAML module can be found in the appstore.

Information on integration with okta can be found here: