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I am using the ForgotPassword module and the login page is configured in that module. I now want to completely get rid of the login.html page. I removed it from my theme, but Mendix automatically recreates it when deploying the app and then it obviously shows the default Mendix login page.   Is there a clean way of getting rid of that login.html? I basically want the https://mydomain/login.html to return a 404 or redirect to the root. I currently redirect from login.html to index.html using client side javascript, but it would be nice if you could just completely delete the login.html page if you do not need it.
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Hi Bart,

Very good question, I would say: it's worth to post an idea on the forum, as it's not possibile (in a convenient way)!

Some files, even if they don't exist in the /theme folder, will be created automatically by the Mendix deployment process. When running locally, you will see these files (and maybe more) will be created in the /deployment/web folder:

  • index-example.html
  • index-phone-preview.html
  • index-rtl.html
  • index-tablet-preview.html
  • login.html


This mechanism locally is the same as building deployment packages online, containing these unnecessary files. Although it does not cause any security issues, it is not very professional / convenient either (if you know a website build on Mendix, you could look up the /index-phone-preview.html page...).

For some clients, I blocked the possibility to load these pages by explicitly excluding them on the Network tab of the environment details; this may be a suitable solution for you.

If you really want to exclude these pages, you could also build a deployment package locally (in Studio Pro: F7), set versioned on False and modify the .mda application package using a Zip File Manager before uploading and deploying it. The downside of this method may be clear: lots of effort and you lost proper version control (see screenshot below).

So, I would say: nice feature request!





Mendix will create a default login.html if it is not present in the theme folder.

I had to do something similar, if you create a login.html in your theme that does not start the Mendix client and just redirects to index.html it should work.


Thanks Marcel and Johan. I ended up redirecting the login.html to the index.html and that indeed works nicely. Would indeed be a nice feature request. I will log it.