How do I disable the demo user selector switcher

I’m running a free response app in the sandbox with demo security.  I have 4 user roles and 4 demo users (one user for each role).  I can log in as each demo user with their respective password.  The problem is the “demo user switcher” tab allows any user to another user without asking for a password.  How do I disable this?  I don’t want a low level demo user switching themselves to the admin user. Thank you!               x
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Demo users are just normal users you can also access via the demo users toolbar. If you dont want the demo users toolbar, you can also not enable them and just create the accounts yourself. 

Since the user are created now, you can disable the demo users in the project settings.


Ps. Do you now for sure you want to create a user and not an account? Only the admin demo user is set to account now.