University Program – Become a Rapid Developer Module 9 - Having Lots of Problems

PLEASE HELP – I am using Mendix Modeler 7.23.8 I am stuck on module 9.2 – I had to go back and start module 9 from the beginning because what I was getting was not what was in the course documentation, so I started over. In the process, I think I really messed some things up with respect to the roles and security piece. Any help you are able to provide is very much appreciated!! Issue 1 When I click on project security and I am in prototype / demo The only security module there is to edit is appCloudSer MyFirstModule is not available (as shown in the course documentation)When I click on Production – both AppCloudServ and MyFirstModule are available Issue 2 AppCloudService is in the Module Roles (it is not in the course documentation) Unsure if this is interfering with create module roles for MyFirstModule Unable to set up entity Access because the module role selection box is not available in New Access Rules or Edit Access Rules  
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Hi Lori – feel free to grab some time on my calendar available here and I can walk you through the security piece!