Is there a way to manage access rights across various applications?

Lets say that we have like 10 applications. ON the top level I’m one of the Company admins. SO I would like to see at a goven moment that person A has access to applications X,Y,Z? Is there an extension or tool to provide this information? Or even better I would like to instantly block access of a person A or B to all our applications and resouces? How to do that in an easy way? Please let me knwou about your ideas and suggestions.
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It is not easy to do, but it is an option to set up a tool like azure AD to manage users and authorizations.

Once that is done, you can connect mendix apps to it using the SAML appstore module.

The second step is easy, the first step is not.


Well actually thats what we are currently working on – an intermediary app – a module that would control / monitor the SSO authentication for . (With this we can at least control the access/noaccess). However regarding the monitoring and further refinment of that access that is still a bit tricky area. 


If you guys know of some role/local users/regular users/annonymous/ monitoring module please let me know. As long as the application list is small – under 20, its simple, but over that it becomes a challenge.