Learningpath app LearnNow Training Management gives 404 error when running app locally

Hello all,   I am following the learning path “Become a rapid developer” and at module 9.4.1. when I want to test run my app, I get a 404 error. The problem I think comes from the fact that I saw a deprecation message about AppCloudServices, which made me decide to delete this module from my Project Explorer. This gave me some other problems, so then I found out how to insert the “MendixSSO” module into my project. I think I succeeded in this, I undid all the changes I made in module 9 and followed this module again. Up to the point of 9.4.1 everything was fine, but now again after choosing “Run Locally”, I still get the 404 error in the browser (Edge).   Can anybody let me know if there is a way I can fix this? Also, is there maybe a new learning path available with the new MendixSSO included, since the AppCloudServices is now deprecated? Hope to be able to fix this, because I would prefer to use the MendixSSO in the app I made, instead of downloading the complete project from the sources tab in the learning path (but maybe that is the only way to go further a.t.m.)  By the way, I am using mendix studio pro version 8.3.0 (I was not able to select this version i the dropdown inside this “Ask your question” form.    Kind regards, Chris
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Hi Chris, 


    it is recommended to follow the version of the Mendix the learning path was build for. If I remember correctly for Learn Now it was 7.x.x. 


The workaround you mentioned already – you could download the project package from current module of Learning path.