Security Settings

Hi,   I am following the Learning Path to set the security of my learning App. In the Module for security is writing something but I get another result in my configuration. For example (See picture below)     The result of my mendix pro is as showed below in the next image   As you can see I have 5 Tabs and in the Guide say only 4. The other problem is that I added the roles manully in both Security levels, the guide say this should happend automatically. Can somebody help me with this?
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The 5 tabs is correct, i think the Learning Path might not be correct or up to date.

Edit: I double checked my statement: If your project level security is ‘Production’ you will have 5 tabs. If you set this on ‘Prototype/demo’ you will have 4

Regarding the module roles: if you add a roles within the project security there is an option to select in which module you would also want to create the roles. If you had done this the roles would have been available instantly.