How do I administer users and security in my application?

How does an administrator assign roles to application users so they can log in and interact with the application I have created? I assume the Administration, System Administration or User management modules have something to do with this but there is no documentation. How do I set up an administrative user and password for the pages that require a login? I have public pages with anonymous users but I also need to have links to secure pages that require a login. How do I do that? Do I put links to microflows that check if the user is logged in and redirect to the secure pages? And once I set up login accounts locally, how do I do this in the cloud? Is the user and password somehow saved in the project so when I deploy a package to a licensed node it has the administrative user and password included? Please point me to some documentation or explain in detail how this is done.
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I’ll try to tackle all of your questions:

  • To enable user administration through the application, make the Administration.Account_Overview page accessible via the navigation in your project.  Note you can also copy the contents of this page to one of your pages to get consistent UI.
  • On your dev machine, the administrative user can be set up by navigating to Project | Security  | Administrator tab in the Project Explorer
  • If you are deploying to a Free App in the cloud, you will need to create the administrative user via an after startup microflow that you build.  I’ll paste a picture of an example microflow below.
  • If you are deploying to a paid node in the Mendix cloud, you can set the Admin password for each environment by opening the environment details page and clicking the Details button.  Then you’ll see a button entitled ‘Change Admin Password’

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Microflow that creates admin user:

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