Authentication of REST API calls

Hi all, This question is a step back from the question I posted yesterday which is here.  Let me elaborate my situation. I am making a connector to an external website. This website provides API keys in a csv format for every person(or company) that registers.  Each person(or company) which uses this connector may have to first register and get their own keys in the csv format.  Now my question is, how to store these credentials? I have currently written a java action which reads the csv and fetches the credentials and save them in an entity for one complete flow(I know this may be a lousy approach) It is not safe to directly store them. @Ronald Catersels, had suggested that we encrypt all keys of all users and save in DB. Any pointers on how this could be done please?   Thanks in advance - Kamala  
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If you need to encrypt data have a look at the EncryptString and DecryptString methods in the Community Commons module on the App Store. Encrypt data being persisted and decrypt it when you need to use those values.

As for the CSV decoding, have a look at the CSV module on the App Store. If it’s just a single line of data, you may also want to look at the StringSplit action in the Community Commons module.

Hope this helps.