SAP Single Sign On on Cloud Foundry

Hi, I have build an SAP App which is hosted on the SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry landscape. I want to make the login process easier for the users. Until now they had two login pages where they first had to click on “Use SAP IDP” and afterwards on the second screen on “”. I read the docs here: There it says to replace my login.html with following code: <!doctype html> <html> <head> <script> window.location.assign("/xsauaalogin/") </script> </head> </html> I did that and it is great, because now I can skip the first page and directly land on the second page. Btw the first page looks like this:    But now I still have to click on “” as a user to login automatically. How can I skip this step?  So I want to skip this page or somehow handle the “” click automatically:
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I think this is the default behaviour if you are not currently logged in.  It should be possible to change the default IdP, but this would mean that every authentication request would be forwarded to your default Provider.

Have you tried to change the redirect directly to the link that will be used if you click on “” on the 2. screenshot you provided?