Workflow help for new account request

Hello Experts,   Need a help. I have a use case when a anonymous user request for a new account dont want to directly give him the access and wanted a workflow to be triggered which will send the new account request to administrator and only once the admin approves it the new account should be granted. Any help on how to achieve this will be of great help. Thanks in advance Regards Shirish
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Hi Shirish,

In order to do this you can generaly follow a fews steps:

  1. Create an anonymous user role and create a custom login page that is the role based homepage of this user. Here you should create a step with a button or something in order for the user to request acces.
  2. Create the acces request page where the anonymous user needs to fill the required data, you could chose to make the data non persistable at this point, then after submitting the data transfer it to a persistable entity where the anonymous user has no acces to.
  3. Create a overview of the persistable entity for the administrator, he can take a look at the request and grant acces.
  4. Create a ‘grant acces' microflow where, when the admin clicks on it, a account is created and the user is sent an email that he is granted acces. Might be best to give the user a link in this email that redirects him to a page where he can set his own password and then login. This is similar to the process that the forgot password module has. You can check the flow SF_CreateAndSendEmail & the user will be redirected to Step3_DL_SetNewPassword from the link in the email. Take a look at the documentation of the forgot password module.

Hope these steps help you out a bit, there are however more possibilities then these steps.