I am unable to login in Build an App in Mendix Studio Learning Path

Hi ,          I have followed all the steps in Build an App in Mendix Studio Learning path, after adding security in Invite Other Developers and App Users in 6.2.1  3rd point Click on the sign in with Mendix Account button and you can now run your application. I am unable to login getting the error. Kindly let me know where I was wrong. Regards  Satish Garapati.
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Hi Satish,

Are you trying to Sign-in the app that you created in the learning path?

Or the issue appears when one of the users you invited tries to sign-in? If that is the case, please continue with the instructions on lecture 6.2.2: https://gettingstarted.mendixcloud.com/link/module/308/lecture/2322 

since they might provide some additional information.