How can I intercept user login action

I am trying to apply LDAP authentication and authorization, and i don’t want to import users into Mendix, so that I want to intercept user login action, and use my custom Java code to create an user and bind role to the user based on LDAP DN. I checked Java code of LDAP Synchronization Module, but I didn’t find how it switch authentication between Mendix & LDAP. Could you please help on it? 
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The module allows to import users from the AD, but also allows or authentication.


The DN will not be exposed with the login but is available during import. You should be able to find the login method in the java classes that come with the module.


An old blog but you might be able to get some information from it that provides an idea on how to proceed overwriting the login function:

else just search on google for: overwrite login mendix