SSO / IDP - Issues with replacing DB in performance testing

Scenario: We are doing performance testing and benchmark testing with a “golden database” in different environments and different SAML SSO configurations.  We are using SAML SSO.  The issue is on the logoff side.  I need to know where I need to replace the certificate in the database / Mendix for the logoff (IDP / SP_Metadata).  The certificate is not matching on sign off with the SAML SSO provider and does not expire the cookies there for not logging of properly.  The error the comes back as ‘ Unable to verify the signature ‘ in the SAML trace.  
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Hi Bill,

I think there is something wrong with the SAML configuration, did you re-configure SAML using appropriate IdP metadata file or URL for the environment? If not than can you re-configure SAML and try again?  




so we configured all and it works great.  then we want to transfer information to our next copy of the golden database and it does not function properly.  We cannot ask the saml provider every time to reconfigure this for us. 


We need the external idp certificate to be the same.


How is this done?